Solved: Take these easy steps to download Free Garmin Maps Dial (+1-844-776-4699)

Running from one place to another using GPS device, it has made the life of people simple. Instead of seeking help from milestones and asking from the passers-by for the root, users feel more comfortable in traveling via navigation device. Talking about the best navigation gadget in the market, there is one answer: Garmin GPS device.

The company has developed some interesting and handful features like free Garmin maps,  to enhance their experience. Also, you get access to 24/7 support service, provided by expert technicians.

What are Free Maps?

The free maps are provided by the company when you buy the gadget for about 90 days. You will get the map with latest updated routes. If you too want to get the free maps, read this article.

Requirements for Free Maps of Garmin

The necessities during the process of free maps of Garmin are mentioned below:

  • Internet connection
  • Micro-SD memory card
  • Garmin GPS
  • USB connector 

How can you get Free Garmin Maps?

Garmin maps for free are beneficial as they will not have to take much pressure for the updated process. If you too want your favorite  Garmin GPS Update then go through the article:

  1. Browse through different websites for different regions and download them
  2. As soon as you have completed with download, unzip the .IMP extension.
  3. Remove the battery section and load map on sdcard
  4. Once done, load the sdcard back
  5. Connect your GPS device via USB cable
  6. Navigate to
  7. Next, install the maps on your system
  8. Choose Setup menu from menu screen
  9. Select Interface
  10. Click on “USB Mass Storage”
  11. Now, GPS will be denoted as USB device
  12. Select your existing map on your SDcard (copy to your PC’s desktop to avoid misplacing)
  13. Lastly, rename GMAPSUPP.IMP
  14. And, remove the GPS and insert the sd card back

Note: Use the above process attentively to make sure no step is missed out.    

Periodically there may arise some technical issues while using the device due to some bugs like to other digital platforms. The issues may include:

  • Garmin Express won’t launch
  • Garmin Express Login issue
  • Charging issue
  • Garmin Express freezes at 50%
  • Garmin Express won’t show on screen
  • Unable to Nuvi load Garmin Map on GPS device
  • Garmin Express will not show “Extra”
  • Garmin Express does not work
  • Alert won’t work
  • Garmin GPS device not turning on
  • Garmin Nuvi reset pin
  • Problem with getting GPS signal
  • Unresponsive Garmin touch screen

Garmin Customer Service

Residing in the digital world, several technical issues may arise. The same goes with Garmin GPS device. In such a situation, need not worry and just share the concerned problem of Garmin Map Update to the professionals. The crew of technicians is present 24*7 all round the globe, to offer you the full-time assistance. Engineers are expert in their field. Whenever you convey your issue to them, they will provide a reliable solution in blink of an eye. Therefore, seek help from professionals and resolve your device issue.


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