1-844-776-4699@Latest: Put into use Garmin Map Update Process 2019

Garmin GPS, the most selling product in the market has made bunch of loyal customers across the globe. From its design, features to functions, Garmin GPS has knocked down all other competitors GPS devices. Therefore, making out the best choice for navigation gadgets, the first preference for the targeted crowd is Garmin company products.

Every device needs regular services or says update to get latest pieces of information and details. Same way, Garmin GPS also needs its map update on regular intervals. And, Garmin has introduced its free map update. So, if you are also Garmin GPS holder then, read this article to get your device updated.

What is Garmin Free Map Update all about?

Free Garmin map update is the option to download the latest map for free. The entire latest route, traffic signals, and the shortest route will be included. This will be provided for first three months.

What is the process to download Free Garmin Map Update?

The process of downloading is simple and easy to apply. Follow these steps and get your map updated:

  1. Open your Garmin account and if it’s unavailable, create one on my Garmin.
  2. Login to your Garmin account
  3. Connect your Garmin Nuvi via USB cable
  4. A notification will appear about the free map update option available for the registered device
  5. Click on ‘Order Now’ for download process of free Garmin map updates
  6. Click on “Get Free Update”
  7. Select an option “download or disk”
  8. Once clicked, download process will start.
  9. Save it on desktop and once download is complete, double-click on it.

What is the installation process for Garmin Map updates?

After the downloading process, you also need to install. Thus, we have listed some important things that need to happen:

  • Ensure navigation device is properly connected to your PC via USB cable.
  • Double-click and run Garmin GPS Map Updates process
  • Select your Garmin GPS device
  • Accept the license agreement flashed on-screen
  • Now, type the password from your device
  • Click on ‘accept all free Garmin Map Updates download’ and installation starts.

Now, the remaining steps will be easy for you to understand and you will easily drive your route to your destination.

Overview of Gamin Nuvi Update process  

  • Once you download and install Garmin Nuvi, you will reach your destination.
  • We recommend to directly downloading free map update from manufacturer.
  • Authentic and real mapping on your Garmin Nuvi GPS.

Garmin Helpdesk Support

Was the above information not workable for the map update? Then, we have sought ways to get you directly connect to the senior expert. The user can share their concerned query with the technical team and receive the best solution for How to Update Garmin Map’.

Users should explain the background details regarding the issue. The experts dig the root cause of the problem and deliver you the real answer in one go. You can contact anytime and put forward the issue in front of the expert. Our service is accessible 24/7.


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